The short answer is no. Contrary to what other companies do, Boost Media Pro prides itself on never using a customer’s name or any testimonials or advertisements for display on our site. We make discretion a top priority so that you enjoy the greatest benefit with regard to your social media account. Because we work with a number of marketing agencies we know the importance of discretion and will always place your privacy and safety as a number one priority.
Boost Media Pro takes advantage of the latest industry-leading safety precautions and uses advanced proprietary methods to ensure the highest levels of security at all times. We do what is necessary to maintain the integrity of our customer’s accounts. With Boost Media Pro security and privacy is guaranteed regardless of the package that you choose.
The quick answer is yes. If you have specific or unique targeting requirements or custom parameters we are happy to discuss this with you. Simply use our contact form to get in touch with us and provide your order number. Customer service is a top priority with Boost Media Pro. We are always here to help you with your social media goals and needs.
Yes. Customers may order multiple packages as needed. Best of all, when ordering multiple packages, they can run concurrently further increasing overall social media enhancement and acceleration. Our system is custom tailored and uses advanced tracking systems to manage all orders and campaigns in the most efficient and effective way possible. With Boost Media Pro better social media traction is just a click away.
No. Customers are never required to divulge their passwords or usernames at any time. Boost Media Pro never requires or asks for administrative access to any of your social media accounts in order to start your campaign. Keep in mind that any company that asks you for this type of information should be suspect and avoided. In most cases these companies are simply not providing quality or trusted services.
Keep in mind that all followers, likes or fans purchased through Boost Media Pro are indeed real. As a matter of fact that is why we recommend that you maintain your account in an active and engaging way. We recommend that you post regularly to your account with engaging and interesting content to further grow your social media presence.
Boost Media Pro has a large network of active groups, pages and social media influencers that we routinely use to boost your account. We also offer fully customized marketing strategies for those who have specific social media enhancement needs. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more.
It is important to note that all package orders are delivered as quickly as possible. That said, those who have custom requirements should contact our team directly with any special requests.
While the general speed of social networks varies and while there are many other variables involved, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to see all your social media followers propagate safely to your account. Once you place your order the order receipt will explain all of the details in this regard.
In short, any package that includes a lifetime guarantee enables our team to add new followers anytime a follower we provided un-follows. Also know that as a rule we add an additional 10% more “followers” to each order as a way to compensate for any lost followers.
Simply send us an email and we will correct the situation as quickly as possible.
While the followers that we provide are indeed real, we cannot guarantee how actively engaged they are or will be with your account. Be wary of any company that guarantees a specific level of activity from purchased followers.

The short answer is no. Once followers have been added they will remain on your account unless they choose to individually un-follow.
Boost Media Pro recommends that you do not change your profile username. This can interfere with our ability to replace followers to the username associated with your order. In addition, the followers that we provide will not recognize your account if you switch to a different username, resulting in the possibility of losing followers.
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